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Chaplain Quentin Jones

Chaplains lead a multi-tasking life. They minister to other’s spiritual and emotional needs in a unique way, because they have to be able to distinguish between their own spiritual needs and beliefs, and those of the people they serve.     The Rev. Quentin B. Jones, Lakeview Village’s Chaplain and Director of Chaplaincy Services, believes his responsibility…

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Ridgeview Village: Much more than a place called “home”

Ridgeview Village Lakeview Village and Ridgeview Village have been “sister communities” since Lakeview Village helped found this Olathe-based community for seniors with lower incomes in 1997. Today, Ridgeview Village is much more than “home” to older adults: it is colorful rain barrels and gardens and Bible study classes and volunteers and meetings and neighbors and…

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Lakeview Village Historical Exhibit

  The Lakeview Village Historical Exhibit Committee The Lakeview Village Historical Exhibit on the Lower Level of the Eastside Terrace is a must-see for Lakeview residents and visitors alike. Nowhere else can you find such a comprehensive compilation reflecting the history of this state-of-the-art retirement village in Lenexa, KS. The exhibit is a product of…

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A New Orleans Surprise at Lakeview Village

Jon Williams, Director of Dining Services, spoke to the crowd while Sam Austin, Executive Chef, prepared the food.      Recently, a group of prospective residents visiting Lakeview Village discovered a spot-on creation of New Orleans-style cuisine, courtesy of two of the community’s finest chefs.      The “New Orleans Feast” luncheon was a presentation of Lakeview’s Sales and…

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Investing for the Next Generation

The “conventional wisdom” of investing in your retirement years is to become more “conservative” as your age increases.  Formulas, such as limiting your percentage of investments in equities (stocks) to a number calculated by subtracting your age from 100, have been commonly used.  But as any Certified Financial Planner (CFP®) will tell you, each individual…

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Why Lakeview LifeCare? Peace of Mind, Fun Times

It might be an understatement to say Lakeview Village resident Ken Smith has a full dance card. He’s part of a book club, volunteers for various organizations and is admittedly coming to the realization that he must pass on events more often because he has more social options than time to do them all. It’s…

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Not Your Cookie Cutter Grandma

Eunice Litchfield During her days as an elementary school teacher, Eunice Litchfield maintained control of her classroom. Now in her retirement years, Eunice continues to take charge of her life. In 1998, Eunice made one of her best decisions. She packed her belongings and moved to Lakeview Village. “I didn’t want my kids to worry…

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