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Financial Expert Answers Questions to Retirement Living Questions

When older adults begin to think about retirement and possibly making a move to a senior living community, they often just want to make sense of all senior living options in front of them.  It’s such a huge decision to make and so much information to weed through! There are care levels to consider, insurance plans to look at, and lifestyle to maintain. And, there is no crystal ball to tell us what to expect beyond the age of 65.  Will we be among the lucky ones who don’t face any serious health issues?  Many seniors also want to make sure there’s some money left over as a legacy to their children and grandchildren.  At the retirement stage in life, most people want to know “what makes the most financial sense,” and “what might happen to their finances should their care needs increase?”

In a virtual event, Lakeview Village invited a neutral party to present to retirees who are considering these important next steps.  Brad Breeding spent a robust career coaching retirees on their finances and through 15 years of doing so, he became very well educated on the various community types and their contracts.

In his presentation, Brad shares a wide view of retirement planning.  He explains the difference between a LifeCare community or a Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC) like Lakeview Village, an entrance fee community and a rental community agreement.  He gives us a clear understanding of what each community offers and provides details on their contracts.  Brad even explains the difference among the CCRCs and their various contracts. Each is unique and each offers a different solution.

Brad is well known in the senior care industry.  He has spoken at multiple conferences and retirement communities across the country, sharing his insights and helping hundreds, maybe even thousands, of seniors navigate this very important decision.  Brad even wrote a book about it called What’s the Deal with Retirement Communities? Brad’s financial knowledge and senior care expertise about the various community types and contract options, provides answers to common questions from retirees, and he even touches on tax deductions with non-profit communities like Lakeview Village and answers questions regarding capital gains tax when selling a home to make a move.  (By the way, taxes is the focus of another Lakeview Village virtual event August 24 & 26th.  Sign up for more information here!)


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