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Lakeview Village is a Real Value

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Lakeview Village is the only Life Plan Community in Johnson County offering true LifeCare. We call it Lakeview LifeCare™ — an all-inclusive plan covering a fulfilling, maintenance-free lifestyle today, plus unlimited access to assisted living and long-term nursing care, if ever needed, for only a modest increase in an independent resident’s monthly fee.

Our residents and their families have peace of mind knowing their loved ones’ long-term care needs are pre-paid, keeping your family’s nest egg secure and assuring high-quality long-term care. We offer dozens of floor plans at various price points. Each residence requires a monthly service fee and an entry fee, which are based on the size of the residence, as well as the projected cost to Lakeview Village to deliver unlimited long-term care in the future.

Please provide your name and contact information, and we will send you starting prices on a sampling of our floor plans. It will not be a complete list of what is available to you at Lakeview Village. For more detailed information, please call 913-744-2449.

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