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If there’s one thing you can expect from Lakeview Village, it’s that there’s always something new and innovative going on. That said, we’re excited to announce several brand-new, open floor plans with modern amenities.

The demand for units with open, airy floor plans, large bathrooms and walk-in closets is high, and Lakeview Village is committed to providing what the marketplace asks for.


Though the number of open floor plans has increased across the entire campus, many of the units are located in what many residents consider “the heart” of Lakeview Village—the Heritage Place building.

Creating this newness at Heritage Place is important because it’s where most of the action is. Heritage Place is connected to the fitness center and pool, and it’s where the salon, library, bank and market are located. The building also features a large community room for group events. Having larger resident floor plans close to so many popular amenities is a win for everyone, especially right now.

The events of the last year have had a staggering national effect on the real estate market. It truly is a seller’s market, and many people are shifting their focus from owning larger homes to buying-in at senior living residences like Lakeview Village.

“We’re excited to have so many new residents investing in a LifeCare Plan,” said Lakeview Village President and CEO, Robbie Claussen. This plan gives residents and their families peace of mind knowing their loved ones’ long-term care needs are pre-paid, keeping the family nest egg secure and assuring high-quality long-term care if needed. You can get a Lakeview Village LifeCare Plan for as little as $133,000.

With new floor plans available and a sellers real estate market, there’s no better time to seriously consider a move to Lakeview Village!


To schedule a tour or learn more about pricing and availability at Lakeview Village Retirement Community, call 913-744-2449 or send a message to info@LakeviewVillage.org







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