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Katie Savage - Problem Solver & Office Manager

Just because Lakeview Village Retirement Community has the word ‘retire’ in it, doesn’t make that a prerequisite for living here. Oh contraire! Take resident Katie Savage. She’s among several residents at Lakeview Village who are still enjoying their professional careers. For Katie that means managing a 3-story, 18-thousand square foot Overland Park office building for a technology company.

“I’m referred to as the memory for the building. I remember everything about this building like who worked on this and when we need to handle maintenance for that,” says Katie.

Katie knows every inch of the place where her observation and problem-solving skills come in handy. She admits finding joy in managing a good struggle. Though her 20-plus year career with the same company means so much more than that.

“I don’t know what it’s like for others who have a large family, but for me after 20 years with the same people they’re kind of extended family and we keep track of each other.”

And the feeling is clearly mutual, even with team members who live and work more than 8,000 miles from Kansas City. Katie flew all the way to India to participate in one of their weddings. Closer to home, she was there on victory night after helping her boss run and win a local election. Her career has truly become a family of friends.

“I enjoy working and enjoy these people. The work does keep me sharper too. I’m going to be 75 soon and I don’t know when I’m going to retire.”

As a resident of Lakeview Village Katie says she runs into other residents who are still going to the office everyday which inspires her to keep working too, if for no other reason, than it’s simply a lot of fun.

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