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Thoughts on Memorial Day from a 2-Star General

As a young boy growing up on a dairy farm in Moran, Kansas Larry Lust only wanted to be a soldier.  So perhaps it isn’t surprising that as soon as he was old enough, Larry joined the Army, served for 35 and a half years then retired as a 2-Star General.  Larry and his wife Catherine are long-time residents of Lakeview Village, and with Memorial Day coming up, we sat down with Larry to learn more about his military career and get his thoughts on the significance of Memorial Day which was originally known as Decoration Day.  Click on the video to hear that story.

What the video won’t tell you about Larry and Catherine is that they live in a villa on the Lakeview Village campus and love it. As Larry put it, “we should have moved here sooner!” Their home reflects their active lifestyle at Lakeview Village. They have both found creative ways to spend their retirement years. Catherine is a quilter and Larry is a stained-glass window maker.  Everywhere you look inside their home you will see their beautiful artwork on display.

Their military service as a couple to our country is also evident in their home though most noticeable in Larry’s office.  His desk is covered with many photos from different eras of his career, his shelves hold books about the military, there are dozens of Challenge Coins on display and so much other memorability from three decades of service.  Most noticeable perhaps is Larry’s red 2-Star General flag and American flag flanking the window.

While Larry has received multiple medals over the years those are not on display.  Instead, he keeps them in storage in the basement and that tells you a little about Larry’s humility. Larry gives credit to just about everyone else besides himself for his illustrious military career. Thank you, Larry, for your service to our country as a 35-year member of the United States Armed Forces.

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