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Can true love strike twice? Hear what Ken and Lillian believe.

February is the month of love and if you are in a loving relationship at the moment, it may be hard to imagine finding love again with any other person in this world.  That’s what makes this story so special.  Ken and Lillian each found the love of their life when they were much younger.  They created families, careers, life experiences and great memories in their loving relationships.  It was after they each lost their spouse that Ken and Lillian’s second love story began.

Lillian moved to Lakeview Village several years ago when her husband developed dementia.  She believes it was the perfect place for the two of them to live out their later years. As the disease progressed, Lillian’s husband could receive the professional healthcare he needed, and Lillian could continue to be the love of his life at his side every day, instead as his caregiver. After Lillian’s husband passed away, she was most grateful for her home and her friendships at Lakeview Village which provided the support she needed at that time.

Not so very long ago, Ken moved to Lakeview Village after loving the same woman for more than 60 years. It was after she passed away from Alzheimer’s that Ken decided it was time to sell the house, simplify life and move into a new apartment at Lakeview Village. Ken quickly experienced the hospitality of other residents who made a concerted effort to get to know him and include him in activities like they do with all new residents. That’s how Ken and Lillian first met.

Meeting new people fits Ken’s personality. It fits Lillian’s personality too. After several conversations over dinner and coffee it was evident to both of them that they had many things in common and losing their spouses to memory loss was only one of them. Their visits became more frequent and they soon found themselves spending most of their waking hours together.  Is it friendship or love?  We’ll let you listen to them talk about their relationship in the video above. You decide if it’s really possible to find new love at this stage in life.

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