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We’re Open! But if you ask our residents, we never closed.

Our Top Priority Has Never Changed

It’s been an interesting four months, hasn’t it? As Kansas’ largest retirement community, Lakeview Village has always put the health and safety of our residents, families, visitors and staff at the top of our priority list. When COVID-19 began to spread across the country in March, the Lakeview Village family rallied around to adapt to an inevitable new normal. Collectively we have followed the appropriate federal, state and county health guidelines and protocol as part of the global battle against COVID-19.

We are most grateful and in awe of the healthcare and other essential workers who spent countless hours, days, and weeks on the front lines everywhere, including here at Lakeview Village. We surprised ourselves by finding ways to connect with one another as we sheltered in place and to keep residents active even inside their homes. When meals began to arrive at their individual doorsteps each day, residents told us they felt pampered.

Here are the extensive measures Lakeview Village has taken, and continues to take, to honor our commitment to our residents’ and our staff’s health and well-being.

It comes as no real surprise that over these last four months our residents led the rest of us to adopt of a positive attitude, a feeling of optimism during this challenging time in history. After all, most of our residents have faced much tougher times than these throughout their lives. Their attitude of tolerance, patience, kindness, and great optimism that “all will be better in time” became contagious.


And times have already become a bit better.  Residents are now allowed to walk inside and out, visit common areas in small numbers in the apartment buildings and work in the community garden while wearing masks and social distancing.  Everyone agrees, just saying ‘hello’ face-to-face, even with a mask, feels wonderful.


Lakeview Village will continue the intense cleaning schedule, health screenings for staff, essential vendors, and residents and will continue to follow the guidance of health officials to do all we can to keep our Lakeview Village family well.

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