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Roth IRA: The 9th Wonder of the World

By Emerson Hartzler Emerson Hartzler The Roth version of the IRA has been around for more than a decade, but is still one of the most misunderstood programs that seniors will encounter. I believe it was Albert Einstein who declared the power of compound interest to be the 8th Wonder of the World. Einstein didn’t live to…

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What Is Your Number? Do You Know?

By Jackie Halbin, Lakeview Village Wellness Manager Jackie Halbin Maintaining strength, endurance, balance and flexibility is very important in our lives, no matter what the age – so stop thinking this is for the athlete or the fittest of the fit – it is for YOU! How do we know if we need to maintain…

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Lakeview Village Residents Enjoy Peace of Mind

By James K. Frazier, Lakeview Village president and CEO James K. Frazier Peace of mind is a state of mind enjoyed by most Lakeview Village residents, and the reason why is Life Care. For 50 years, our community has prided itself in taking the worry out of aging by offering Life Care contracts in a…

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A Celebration of Life

By Ken Smith, Lakeview Village resident Several long-time friends in my old neighborhood have asked me how I’m doing. Sometimes that phrase is just a polite greeting with no meaning beyond the greeting. On the other hand, it could express a real interest in my home at Lakeview Village. My former next-door neighbors may suspect…

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Lakeview Village Makes Way for New Patio Homes

By Colette Panchot Lakeview Village Director of Sales and Marketing Garden cottage demolition makes way for patio homes Proactive organizations constantly look for ways to grow and improve. As we prepare to celebrate Lakeview Village’s 50th anniversary of service to the greater community, what better time to announce some exciting plans for the future? Starting…

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Leaving a Legacy

By Emerson Hartzler In one way or another I think each of us wants to leave some mark on the world: leaving the planet in better shape, making things better for the next generation, or at least not having to rent our pallbearers. The part of that equation I get to deal with on a…

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Lakeview Village Reveals Renovations to Centerpointe Care Center

By Stacey Axler Residents and staff members of Lakeview Village welcomed new renovations and technological advances after months of fundraising and remodeling resulted in a major facelift for the community’s Centerpointe Care Center. The revitalized look of the first-floor common areas and hallways shows that Lakeview Village strives to reflect a resident-centered approach and philosophy.…

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Ready, Set, Lose! Lakeview Village Staff Begin Biggest Loser Challenge This Week

By Stacey Axler, intern Lakeview Village staff members recently began participating in The Biggest Loser Challenge, a weight-loss competition inspired by “The Biggest Loser” television show that will yield $600 for the winners. The challenge, which began on Jan. 17, is amongst teams, each team comprised of four Lakeview staff members. The teams weigh-in every…

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Lakeview Village’s Child Development Center Gets a Makeover

Children attending Lakeview Village’s Child Development Center were treated to newly configured, colorfully painted rooms in December during a kids-only ribbon-cutting ceremony unveiling renovations to the unique learning center at the Lenexa, Kan., continuing care retirement community.   Julie Jegen, CDC director, said that the center started out with three rooms for children ranging in…

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