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I will have been a

I will have been a

I will have been a resident at Lakeview for two years, this coming Aug.

On the evening of 3/24 I passed out in my bathroom and spent the night sleeping on the floor. When my alarm sounded the next morning I managed to crawl to my easy chair in the front room. By the grace of God, security found me the next afternoon still sleeping in my easy chair. They immediately called an ambulance and took me to Shawnee Mission Hospital where I spent the next 5 days due to dehydration.

I have thanked the good Lord AND security several times for their quick action. Had I still been in my previous home it could have been several days before being missed; and even then, maybe too late.

The doctors tell me just another day or two on that floor could have made all the difference in the world.

I will always believe that Lakeview staff possibly saved my life.

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