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Staying Strong and Fit at Lakeview Village

Staying Strong and Fit at Lakeview Village

Lakeview Village president and CEO

Jamie Frazier

For more than 50 years, Lakeview has worked hard to provide a continuing care retirement community that promotes wellness and an active lifestyle among its residents. Wellness is achieved in many areas: intellectual, social, vocational, spiritual, physical, and emotional. Approximately 85 percent of our residents actively participate in at least one of our wellness programs!

Opportunities to sustain physical fitness are found throughout the campus and include a myriad of activities. One of the best opportunities is strength and cardiovascular training, at our state-of-the-art fitness center, which provides numerous machines to keep hearts and muscles strong.
The cardio equipment gets the heart rate up and can accommodate both sitting and standing positions. Our trained fitness employees provide assessments and customized fitness plans for our residents, showing them how to easily set the machines and use each one.  
Many of the popular fitness machines are our pneumatic machines geared toward strength training. They are operated with a compressor that provides air via tubes underneath the floor. These machines are very quiet, but more importantly, they allow for extremely easy resistance adjustment. Residents simply press buttons with their thumb to increase or decrease resistance. This is unlike more traditional weight-training equipment, which requires the user to adjust cables and move weights and metal pegs. Our machines are much safer (and more fun!) to use.
Our fitness center is also available to our employees and Priority Circle future residents so they too can enjoy the benefits. The fitness center is just one way among many that our residents prolong a healthy, active lifestyle.
Want to find out more about Lakeview Village?  Give us a call at 913-888-1900 to set up a tour!

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