Richard Catlett Scholarship Program Awards High School Seniors - Lakeview Village
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Richard Catlett Scholarship Program Awards High School Seniors

Richard Catlett Scholarship Program Awards High School Seniors

For many years, the residents of Lakeview Village have taken pride in being a giving community.  And there’s no better example of that generosity than the Richard Catlett Student Scholarship program, which on April 30, 2015, awarded $35,000 to qualifying graduating high school seniors who either work or volunteer at Lakeview Village.
Jamie Frazier, President and CEO, explains that the scholarship fund is named in honor of Richard Catlett, Lakeview Village’s CEO from 1990 until 2008, because of Mr. Catlett’s support of young employees’ pursuit of higher education. Mr. and Mrs. Catlett now reside at Lakeview Village.
“Over the years, as the resident population and workforce grew, so did the number of dining room servers, most of who were high school students.  What began as a scholarship program for high school volunteers in 2005 was expanded to include scholarships for high school seniors working in the Dining Services department.”
The value and number of scholarships varies according to the funds available, as well as the number of qualified applicants. The 16 scholarship applicants this year, receiving from $750 to $3,000 each, were:

Claudia Becker
Brianna Bennett
Timmy Brill
Megan Ehrnman
Emma Franklin
Andy Hare
Kyle Hillyer
Emma Holmberg
Alexis Ridley
Megan Rongish
Roya Rostampour
Joseph Roszel
Emma Schneider
Sydney Suttles
Ben Walberg
Summer White

Senior Celebration 2015

At the award ceremony, the Lakeview Village Resident Quartet performed, including an original song written by quartet member Bob Hamilton, “The Dining Halls of Lakeview.”  Other members of the quartet included Kevin Jackson, Jackie Vogt and Rich Jewett.
The collection process is a simple one: Lakeview Village residents contribute to the fund throughout the year by placing checks in collection boxes around campus. In the weeks before the awards ceremony, the Catlett Scholarship Resident Committee – chaired by resident Barbara Joiner –interviews the students and reviews their applications.  Applicants must have a minimum grade point average of 3.0. and must provide their high school transcripts, ACT and/or SAT scores, a list of extracurricular activities, and two letters of recommendation.  In addition, they must submit two personal essays that describe the effects of their service to Lakeview Village residents, their educational and life goals, and how they hope to use the scholarship in reaching those goals.
The applicants also must have shown “a dedication to Lakeview Village by displaying consistent attendance and high work standards as an employee or volunteer,” according to a list of scholarship criteria.
The scholarship recipients are exceptional young people. In addition to attending school and working or volunteering at Lakeview Village, they devote time to community service and varied school activities.
Jamie Frazier sums up how beneficial and unusual this scholarship program is: “The residents contributed $35,000, which will go to 16 applicants – $750 to $3,000 each!  How long does it take for a dining server to make $3,000? “Only at Lakeview…”

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