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Retirement is happier and healthier at Lakeview Village, and it all starts with a maintenance-free home and unlimited long-term care.

A 5 Star Facility!

This is a 5 Star facility! I am very happy here!

Sandra B.
November 20, 2019

A life changing experience

When you grow older and while you are healthy I highly recommend that you look into selling your current home and joining us at Lakeview Village in Lenexa KS. After… Read more “A life changing experience”

Ingrid C.
June 24, 2019

The Power of Lakeview

I had no idea about the “power” of Lakeview until my husband suddenly passed away while we were traveling. I arrived home alone and was surrounded by neighbors I had… Read more “The Power of Lakeview”

Joan D.
June 19, 2019