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Pole Walking

Pole Walking

Take a moment to picture an avid hiker & the accessories he or she may carry. Are you picturing sturdy shoes, bottles of water, perhaps a map and compass? What about a walking pole or two? Many hikers use walking poles of some sort, whether they are purchased or simply a sturdy branch found beside the trail. Here at Lakeview Village, we encourage the use of walking poles whenever possible. When you add walking poles to your walks, it can help you improve your posture, strength and endurance. The poles can serve two purposes; first, poles are great tools that engage your entire body (not just your lower body as normal walking would do) and second, they can provide more stability for those who may need it. Lakeview Village’s new class, “Take Your Brain 4 A Walk,” will include pole walking and incorporate some fun brain fitness activities. The idea is to get back outdoors while the weather lasts and take in the beauty of summer. If it gets too warm or rains, the class will be held inside. We will also learn how to use the walking poles for stretching and strengthening. Here are a few benefits of pole walking:

  • Provide balance and increase confidence
  • Promote more upright posture
  • Unload spine, hips and lower joints
  • Make walking a total bodyweight-bearing activity
  • Provide psychosocial advantages vs. canes and walkers
  • Stabilize lumbar spine
  • Build total body muscle fitness
  • Improve cardiopulmonary fitness
  • Increase metabolic activity
  • Promote a more normal gait patter
  • Renew a sense of ability

The poles we will be using have a unique boot shaped cushion gripped tip to prevent slipping as you walk. The poles promote arm swing; have a cushioned handgrip that fits your hand nicely, and no straps. Also, they are adjustable, safe, and lightweight. These walking poles are designed for fitness walking and have been used by people aged nine to 90. The class begins June 18 at 8:30 a.m. in Eastside Terrace Media Center – rain or shine! IF there’s rain, we will be inside trekking Eastside and Heritage. If the weather is nice, we will walk around the campus. The walking poles are available for you to purchase at a reduced cost of $60 dollars, compared to the normal cost of $109 dollars, plus shipping and handling. This includes a DVD and booklet explaining how to use the poles and how to set them up to your size. If you don’t have time to review that material beforehand, don’t worry, we will review this in class. If you would like to order a set of poles, please contact Jackie Halbin as soon as possible. Learn more about Lakeview Village–the senior neighborhood of choice, and the largest retirement community in Kansas–by visiting our website at lakeviewvillage.org, or checking us out on Facebook.

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