A New Orleans Surprise at Lakeview Village - Lakeview Village
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A New Orleans Surprise at Lakeview Village

A New Orleans Surprise at Lakeview Village

Jon Williams, Director of Dining Services, addressed the crowd, while Sam Austin, Executive Chef, prepares the food.

Jon Williams, Director of Dining Services, spoke to the crowd while Sam Austin, Executive Chef, prepared the food.

     Recently, a group of prospective residents visiting Lakeview Village discovered a spot-on creation of New Orleans-style cuisine, courtesy of two of the community’s finest chefs.

     The “New Orleans Feast” luncheon was a presentation of Lakeview’s Sales and Marketing Department headed by Colette Panchot; Jon Williams, Director of Dining Services; and Sam Austin, Executive Chef.  

         Jon and Sam presented a New Orleans-style lunch for about 25 guests. The meal was based on various iconic New Orleans eateries’ recipes – from The Gumbo Shop’s Chicken Andouille File’ Gumbo to Cafe Du Monde’s Beignets.

     As Sam skillfully prepared the food, Jon spoke of the food service philosophy at Lakeview Village, emphasizing the variety of dishes served at the four restaurants in Heritage Place, Southridge and Northpointe – as well as at The Bistro Cafe in Eastside Terrace. Jon also described Dining Services’ efforts to provide healthy tasty meals with fresh ingredients sourced from local growers. The special event menu also included, after the aforementioned gumbo:

      – Pascal Manale’s BBQ Shrimp

     – Galatoire’s Trout Meuniere

     – Chef Sam’s Sweet Potato Souffle’

     – Mixed Squash and Pepper Saute’

     – The beignets and a steaming cup coffee completed the lunch.

      Several of the attendees, who have either lived in New Orleans, or visited there often, were heard commenting not only on the authenticity of the meal, but the skill and friendliness of the chef and servers.

     Lakeview Village Marketing sponsors about 35 special events a year for prospective residents.   The events are alternatively educational and entertaining, and always feature great food from our Dining Services team. This past year, the events included a world-renowned pianist; a program called “Get Your Ducks in a Row” to get key information organized for one’s heirs; a popular series of wine tastings; and many more events designed to give folks a taste and feel for the Lakeview community. 

     Jon and Sam both came to Lakeview Village with impressive credentials. Jon’s food service career began in New Orleans, working for Commanders Palace, DeNovo’s, and the Holiday Inn Superdome. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Foodservice Management, and he’s earned the Cordon Bleu Award for Excellence in Culinary Arts.

     Sam began his food service career in Arkansas and since has worked and managed in the food service industry at major hotels, country clubs and retirement communities throughout the nation. An avid forager, he enjoys the hunt for wild mushrooms, berries, and greens.

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