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Military Couple Finds Home at Lakeview

Military Couple Finds Home at Lakeview

Larry Lust spent 35 years as an active duty member for the United States Army. During those 35 years, his wife, Cathy, set up 24 different homes, moving wherever the Army needed them. Recently, the couple chose a more permanent place to live- Lakeview Village, a continuing care retirement community.

Cathy was the first to explore Lakeview Village. When she returned home after a thoroughly enjoyable visit, Mr. Lust felt compelled to check out Lakeview. He was “sold” on moving to Lakeview Village after experiencing firsthand the friendliness of the residents and staff and researching the high ratings the community had on the U.S. News and World Report.

“My wife likes it here,” Mr. Lust said. “She set up 24 homes while I was on active duty. Those were 24 moves where things could break, or get lost. Living somewhere she likes improves my quality of life.”

Though he retired from active duty in 1993, Mr. Lust still works as an associate professor at the U.S. Army Command and General Staff College at Fort Leavenworth in Leavenworth County, Kansas. Fort Leavenworth is only 45 minutes away from Lakeview, which is a convenient commute for Larry.

Coming from a military background, Mr. Lust was pleasantly surprised to see the similarities between the armed forces and Lakeview Village, including the strength and camaraderie of the community.

“There are good folks that live here; their qualities are just as good as the folks I knew in the military,” Mr. Lust said. “They’re concerned, they care about their country and others around them. They are [people] of all different backgrounds, just like in the military.”

Larry knew he wanted to check out area retirement communities after seeing the work his wife did to care for her parents when they got older. He “did not want to put [his] sons through” having to care for him or his wife over the years, and is “very pleased” that they chose Lakeview as their new home.

The 26th and final move for the Lusts will be when they move into their permanent villa at Lakeview, which is being remodeled and will be ready for the couple later this summer.

“My whole life, especially in the military, has been about how to achieve expectations,” Mr. Lust said. “And Lakeview does just that.”

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