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Lakeview Village’s Youngest Resident: Bill Leach

Lakeview Village’s Youngest Resident: Bill Leach

Rebecca and Bill Leach

Rebecca and Bill Leach

Although sometimes called a “baby” at Lakeview Village, resident Bill Leach and his wife Rebecca enjoy living at the continuing care retirement community in Lenexa, Kan., and suggested that everyone in their 60s should think about moving into such a community.

Leach, 67, and his wife Rebecca, 71, started their search of continuing care retirement communities a few years ago. Leach’s mother moved into a retirement community when she was 72, and Leach liked the idea of moving to a similar community while he was still young, and could remain active.

Leach put his name down on a waiting list at Lakeview because he was attracted by the beauty of the campus and the community’s Christian background, and eventually received a call that Lakeview was showing new homes. At first he was uninterested in the idea of a home, but, on a whim, he and his wife decided to take a look.

“I’m a gardener so the first thing I did was take a look at the back yard,” Leach recalled. “I was surprised by how spacious it was; there are 150 feet of trees separating us from the next house. My wife turned to me and said, ‘You like it, don’t you?’”

Leach decided then to trade their condo for a new Lakeview home.

“Nothing was in our way; we substituted one home for another,” Leach said.

Lakeview allows Leach to remain active and social, which is one of his favorite parts of living at the community. He is the chairman of the resident council, the second vice president of the financial review committee, and a member of the library board.

“One of my friends here says I know everyone,” Leach said. “I don’t think that that’s true but I have met quite a bit of people. The age difference here doesn’t matter to me. You shouldn’t have to wait until you are 80 to move to a place like this.”

Leach also enjoys the different amenities Lakeview provides to residents, and mentioned the Fitness Center and second-hand store, “The What Not Shop,” as popular places on the Lakeview campus.

“Lakeview has everything,” Leach said. “It is like a town.”

Lakeview provides Leach with the certainty that he and his wife will receive all the services they will need as they age.

“As I get older, if I need to move to an apartment, I will be able to move right in the center of everything,” Leach said. “Lakeview is a continuing care community and that means it’s where I will be will continue to be able to be with my friends.”

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