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Lakeview Village Reveals Renovations to Centerpointe Care Center

Lakeview Village Reveals Renovations to Centerpointe Care Center

By Stacey Axler

Residents and staff members of Lakeview Village welcomed new renovations and technological advances after months of fundraising and remodeling resulted in a major facelift for the community’s Centerpointe Care Center.

The revitalized look of the first-floor common areas and hallways shows that Lakeview Village strives to reflect a resident-centered approach and philosophy.

These restorations were primarily funded by the “I Care Campaign,” which is a fundraising effort of the Lakeview Village Foundation.


Renovations to Centerpointe Care Center

“The goal of the I Care Campaign was to bring the dated look of the center’s public areas up to the standards of care we provide,” Jan Pearson, director of Health Services at Lakeview said. “Since it first opened in 1991, the 24-hour skilled nursing center has served literally thousands of senior adults and their families. And with a capacity of 120 residents, there has never been a comprehensive overhaul of the center until now.”

The total renovations included the addition of new furniture, signage and art,ceiling grids and tiles, two-way hall lighting, hallway paint and trim, wheelchair-accessible handrails, and plank flooring.

Along with the new additions, many other aspects of the community have also been upgraded, such as four specialized bathrooms, a dining room, and three resident rooms. The renovations also included the purchase of eight sets of chests and dressers, 15 electric hi-lo beds and 109 specialty mattresses.

“We used a lot of creativity and teamwork during the project,” Pearson said. “For example, while work was under way, we used field trips and special events as a means to move residents and clear the way for the renovation. When residents were unable to use the dining room, staff from all over the campus helped transport residents to the dining room in another building. “

The residents are not the only people at Lakeview who enjoy the renovations, as each caregiver was given a laptop computer to access the new system of electronic records.

“Lakeview Village is one of the first long-term care centers in Kansas to convert to electronic medical records,” Pearson said.

According to Jamie Frazier, Lakeview president and CEO, the I Care Campaign has raised nearly $800,000 to date.


A renovated corridor

Much of the money raised by the campaign comes from families and residents associated with Lakeview Village.

A Lakeview couple, Roger and Jeanne Blessing, donated to the current CenterPointe renovation project. They also allocated an additional $100,000 gift for the future renovation of the second floor of the care center.

“Jeanne and I have chosen to live out our lives at Lakeview and consider the residents our friends, neighbors and family, for whom we want the best,” Roger Blessing said. “I am convinced the new appearance will enhance marketing efforts, which ultimately helps all residents.”

Donations are still flowing into the I Care Campaign, ranging from a small donations to thousands of dollars. Those interested in donating can contact the Executive Director of the Lakeview Village Foundation, Nelson Rumore at 913-744-2430.

The residents of Lakeview are excited to see the continued enhancement of the center.

“Lakeview residents are an optimistic group, and they are concerned with improving not only their homes, but our home for future residents,” Frazier said. “They are supportive and determined, and they’re willing to step up to the plate when the need arises. There’s no better example of that love than the dedication and commitment they’ve shown for the Care Center effort.”

Lakeview Village is a continuing care retirement community in Lenexa, Kan. To find out more about Lakeview, check out our website and find us on Facebook.

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