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Lakeview Village Residents Enjoy Peace of Mind

Lakeview Village Residents Enjoy Peace of Mind

By James K. Frazier,
Lakeview Village president and CEO

James K. Frazier

James K. Frazier

Peace of mind is a state of mind enjoyed by most Lakeview Village residents, and the reason why is Life Care. For 50 years, our community has prided itself in taking the worry out of aging by offering Life Care contracts in a continuing care retirement community setting centered around wellness and affordability.

When someone moves into our community, they are signing off a laundry list of worries that afflict most seniors: What happens if I have a medical crisis? Do my kids or spouse have the resources to find quality care for me? Do I have enough money should I need skilled nursing? What will I do to stay in shape? Who will take care of my house if I need to go to the hospital? Will I have enough money to leave my children, and my favorite charities?

Seniors moving to Lakeview answer all of those questions when they sign their Life Care contract, and remove much of their worry and stress, which can often lead to health issues.

One of the compliments I get most often about our services, and a compliment I can’t hear often enough comes from adult children: “Lakeview is the best gift our parents could have given us.” When I hear that, I know that those children are sleeping at night—and that their parents are, too. Lakeview Village is happy to provide families with that security and comfort—it’s how senior living should be.

As a community that is celebrating 50 years in business this year, we have encountered countless success stories that strike a similar chord. The residents who have lived here as long as 25 or 30 years are benefitting tremendously from entering into a Life Care contract when they moved here in the 1980s or ‘90s, as are residents who have had to spend several years in skilled nursing (provided under the Life Care umbrella). By entering into a Life Care contract, those skilled nursing residents have peace of mind knowing that they and their children won’t be billed $80,000 a year or more for mounting health care; their monthly fee doesn’t spike and drain their remaining assets. And I’m sure many residents would attest to the great tax benefits Lakeview provides on an on-going basis.

All you have to do is look at the smiling faces of our residents to know that they are enjoying our more than 90 clubs and regular activities that give them the opportunity to have fun, be engaged and stay active and healthy. We have three employees dedicated to spearheading our wellness program, and a state-of-the-art fitness center and aquatics center that rival many area gyms (except you don’t have to pay a gym membership—that’s also included in the monthly fee).

What are the top two worries for seniors? Finances and staying healthy. At Lakeview Village, we work to wash those worries away. And I fall asleep knowing that, too.

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