Residence Options at Lakeview Village
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Residence Options at Lakeview Village

Residence Options at Lakeview Village

As a continuing care retirement community, Lakeview Village has a variety of housing options for residents—from independent living to skilled nursing care.  Today, we are going to kick off a series of blogs that will introduce you to the variety of options you can choose from when you decide to move to Lakeview Village.

Lakeview Village has eight different areas on the campus: Eastside Terrace, Heritage Place, Gardenview, Centerpointe, Northpointe, Southridge, villas, and cottages and duplexes.  You can view a map of the campus here.

The first housing option we’ll start with is the independent living option. Independent living residences make up the majority of our housing options, and range in size from apartments to villas.

When you move into the independent living areas, you can be as independent as you want to be. Many residents cook all of their meals in their home, or go out to eat regularly around town. Many keep their car to go and explore. As a Lakeview Village independent living resident, you don’t have to check in with anyone, you don’t have to leave an itinerary. You live your life the way it feels best.

Security in independent living is similar to living in a gated community; Lakeview Village has security guards that can respond quickly when necessary. Additionally, each home has an emergency button that alerts the security team.

Independent living areas of Lakeview Village include Heritage Place, Gardenview, Northpointe, Southridge, the villas, cottages and duplexes.

Assisted living is the next level of housing available for Lakeview Village residents and is on the top floor of Eastside Terrace This space is designed for permanent move-ins. Assisted living, which requires the person to move in, is staffed 24 hours a day. In this area they get 3 meals a day, weekly housekeeping and laundry services, as well a variety of activities.

Assisted living has more security features to help ensure the safety of the residents. There’s a door alarm, which requires a code to enable people to get on and off the floor.  This area is also staffed 24/7.

Eastside Terrace also houses the short-stay inpatient rehabilitation neighborhoods.  On these floors, the person can recover from an illness or surgery after being in the hospital. People in short-stay inpatient rehabilitation receive around-the-clock nursing care along with therapy as indicated.  In Eastside Terrace, there is also an outpatient and fitness center.  Eastside Terrace’s short-stay area has the same security measures as the assisted living area. 

The third living area for residents is the skilled nursing area, Centerpointe, which is home to residents who need higher levels of care, or for those who have problems with memory or dementia. Centerpointe has increased security, especially for the memory care floor, where residents wear wandering bracelets, which automatically notify Centerpointe staff if a resident is trying to exit at an inappropriate time, so a resident can’t wander away and end up in an accident or bad situation.

The best part about Lakeview Village is the Lifecare contract, which allows residents to plan for the future by locking in the current independent living rate. This allows residents to transition between independent living, assisted living, and skilled nursing as their health needs require, without fearing an increased cost.  For more information about Lifecare, click here

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