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Lakeview Village is Prepared to Care for Boomers

Lakeview Village is Prepared to Care for Boomers

By James K. Frazier, Lakeview portrait-ceo
Village president and CEO

We’ve all heard the story, but Lakeview Village is already heeding the warning: A projected shortage of caregivers for aging Baby Boomers could change the way we age, and who cares for us through retirement, but—with careful planning and an emphasis on care—communities like Lakeview Village are already working to buck the forecasted trend.

AARP, which recently issued the eye-opening report, “The Aging of the Baby Boom and the Growing Care Gap,” projects that by 2050—when Baby Boomers are between 86 and 104—there will only be three caregivers for every senior, down from the average seven caregivers for every senior in 2010.

At Lakeview Village, which is a Life Care continuing care retirement community, we have healthcare employees on staff around the clock, ready to help at all hours. The training our caregivers receive equips them with the tools to address various problems that can arise with seniors—the same healthcare issues that often puzzle adult children thrust into the role of caring for their aging parents. If the projected numbers hold true, our children will increasingly find themselves in the caregiving role.

By definition, the “congregate care” model of a Life Care continuing care retirement community—with all healthcare services on campus—makes use of the economies of scale, so that one-on-one personalized caregiving is often more affordable and more logistically feasible than what is available when one remains in the greater community.

Employees at Lakeview Village are not only experienced, they are committed—and that’s another demographic we—as a society—could lose in 30 years. About 125 of Lakeview’s employees have worked at Lakeview for more than five years; they really know and care for our residents and our residents know and trust them—such a positive environment gives residents security, and offers them a tremendous health benefit. We’re extremely proud of our employees and care for them so they can care for our residents.

The senior living industry will have to keep finding innovative ways to provide care as human resources diminish. Until then, Lakeview Village remains ready and fully equipped to care for seniors today, and is already setting our sights to care for the seniors of tomorrow.

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