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Lakeview LifeCare™: the lifestyle you want, the care you need

If you could protect your estate from rising long-term care costs for roughly the value of your home, would you do it? That is the essence of Lakeview LifeCare™. It is a time-tested agreement that guarantees a maintenance-free home and unlimited assisted living and skilled nursing, if ever needed.  Add in our comprehensive package of services and amenities, and it is a true value. At Lakeview Village, it is our ultimate goal to help you stay healthy and active, but have you considered the “what-ifs” if you or your spouse need long-term care?  Over time, 80 percent of our residents have used their Lakeview LifeCare™ benefit.  Taking a wait-and-see approach could be costly.

Lakeview LifeCare™ offers several key benefits:

It preserves your assets

As we live longer and long-term care costs continue to rise, choosing Lakeview LifeCare™ is a wise investment. It answers a common question of retirees, “Will my assets last as long as I do?” By purchasing Lakeview LifeCare™ for a set fee, you can rest assured that the rest of your estate will be protected, regardless of any health changes you or your spouse may experience in the future.

It is unlimited

Thousands of active adults have chosen Lakeview LifeCare™ for its unlimited long-term care coverage in our highly-rated, onsite healthcare centers. This type of unconditional coverage is nearly impossible to buy from major insurance carriers today.

It is predictable

Your monthly service fee is portable among levels of care, making it easy to budget over time. It also prevents a hefty spike in your expenses should your health change. This means you will never pay the higher “market rate” for long-term care at Lakeview Village, but a “level” rate based in part on your starting monthly service fee.

It provides a potential tax benefit

Depending on which Lakeview LifeCare™ plan you choose, you may also be eligible for a significant federal tax deduction on the entry fee and the monthly service fee. Both are considered pre-paid medical expenses. Please consult a tax advisor about eligibility.

It provides access to quality care

Our Lakeview LifeCare™ agreement holders have priority access to our highly rated healthcare facilities, including assisted living and skilled nursing. This prevents your loved ones from scrambling to find a suitable long-term care facility when needed. Our residents also have access to our physicians center, rehabilitation services and in-home care, all on site. Few communities can provide this wide range of healthcare services in one location.

It is flexible

Multiple Lakeview LifeCare™ agreements are available to fit various budgets and estate plans. Our helpful, well-informed LifeCare Counselors can provide details. A medical and financial screening ensures that Lakeview LifeCare™ is a good fit. Move in while you are healthy and can enjoy all that Lakeview Village has to offer. Without the haunting “what-if” questions, you can live your life confidently and independently, while enjoying a secure lifestyle, a comfortable home, and the assurance of care. Deciding to plan ahead is the first step. Choosing Lakeview Village is the next step!