Google Fiber Speeds into Johnson County Retirement Community - Lakeview Village
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Google Fiber Speeds into Johnson County Retirement Community

Google Fiber Speeds into Johnson County Retirement Community

Google Fiber signups take place on the Lakeview Village campus.

Beginning February 1, residents at Lakeview Village can switch Internet service providers and access ultra-high-speed Internet from Google Fiber. Lakeview Village began the process of bringing Google Fiber to the campus in late 2014, and construction on the project began in September 2015.

“As the largest and most innovative retirement community in Kansas, it was important for Lakeview Village to assist Google Fiber in getting access to our entire 100-acre campus,” said Jamie Frazier Lakeview Village CEO. “Google Fiber’s basic Internet plan, which is free for 10 years, will meet the Internet needs of most of our residents.”

Residents who choose to take advantage of the service that is free for ten years, will pay an initial fee of $10. In most cases, this option will provide enough bandwidth for Lakeview Village residents. Additionally, Google offers dedicated bandwidth to each client, rather than the shared bandwidth offered by other Internet Service Providers, increasing Internet speed and Page Load times.

The average broadband speed in America is 11.9 Megabits per second; Google Fiber offers Lakeview Village residents access to “Gigabit” Internet connections up to 1,000 Megabits per second.

“The contractors working on the external and internal infrastructure for Google Fiber were great to work with and very accommodating and responsive to our requests,” said Jennifer Manthey, Community Services Director at Lakeview Village.

Alphabet, the parent company of Google and Google Fiber, chose the Kansas City area as the first market for its Internet service in 2012. It expanded to Lenexa in 2015.

Google Fiber is an Internet and TV service that provides ultra-high-speed Internet along with hundreds of HD TV channels, including access to premium channels, like HBO, for an additional fee.

Lakeview Village residents sign up for Google Fiber.

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