G'Day Lakeview! Break out your walking sticks for our next "Passport to Adventure" to Australia! - Lakeview Village
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G’Day Lakeview! Break out your walking sticks for our next “Passport to Adventure” to Australia!

G’Day Lakeview! Break out your walking sticks for our next “Passport to Adventure” to Australia!

By Jackie Halbinjackiehalbin
Lakeview Village’s Living Well manager

Exercise is boring? Not at Lakeview Village! This month—as part of our yearlong “Passport to Adventure” series—we’re going on a virtual trip to Australia!

On Sept. 21—from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m.—residents and staff will come together for a “Walkabout,” which is one part exercise, and one part scavenger hunt! Participants will pick up a map of Lakeview Village (turned into the Outback!) at Eastside Terrace. The map is divided into puzzle pieces, and participants will have to piece together the map before embarking on their Walkabout. australia_kangaroo

Along the way, residents will find many unique stops that assimilate Australia; the map will guide them through historic facts and fun hints as they walk the one-mile loop and check off their clues. Participants have the option to explore the “Outback” on their own path, and at their own pace. Once they finish, everyone is treated to coffee, donuts and games.

Participants will see (images of) the famous Ayers rock, crocodiles, koala bears, kangaroos and marble rock, and will be challenged to a boomerang toss, among other games, including trivia and a traditional Australian game called We-me.

This wonderful event also doubles as a fundraiser for Lakeview’s Good Samaratin Fund, which is a fund that assists residents who can no longer afford the full cost of their care, through no fault of their own. We encourage residents to invite friends and family to this event, which embodies Lakeview’s whole-person wellness philosophy; participants will find stimulation through physical, intellectual, social, vocational, spiritual, emotional outlets.

So grab your Crocodile Dundee hat and your walking stick, and join the fun!

“Passport To Adventure” is a theme used this year as a fun way to incorporate whole-person wellness. Each month, we highlight a country, and learn the language, culture and fun and interesting facts before putting it all to use in a major event.  So far this year, we have learned hello, goodbye, and “How are you?” in Russian, French, Italian and Spanish.  We also use the culture and traditions as part of trivia games that test recall –this is mostly used in our group classes, and through our monthly brain-game activities.

Here are our past travels!

  • January: Russia. We listened to a guest speaker, learned the language, and featured the “kettlebell” as a form of exercise (since it was developed in Russia).
  • February: USA. We held a Super Bowl Party, and a “Football History March” followed by a “trip” to Ireland, where we learned Irish dances and jigs. (Residents love seeing their peers perform dances)
  • April: France. We did an “Aqua Splash” promotion and a swimsuit sale “on the French Riviera.”
  • May: Mexico. Cinco de Mayo! A special dance group came in to present Mexican dance.
  • June: Vacation from travels—we held a community picnic.
  • July: Italy. Well—we tasted wine, of course!
  • August: Africa. We held a dance and drum circle, and served up traditional African desserts.

We hope to see you on our next adventure! To find out more about Lakeview Village, check out our website, or follow us on Facebook.

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