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How Does Your Garden Grow? Winners Announced!

How Does Your Garden Grow? Winners Announced!

Lakeview Village staff, residents, and children in the Child Development Center have been hard at work all summer, nurturing their gardens so they can enter their harvest into the “How Does Your Garden Grow?” competition!

Contestants entered their homegrown veggies into four contest categories: biggest tomato, biggest cucumber, biggest zucchini, and most colorful plate of tomatoes.

The categories were announced early in the season, and judging occurred on a rolling basis; whenever the contestant thought their veggie was ready to take the prize, they simply brought it to the Living Well staff, who weighed the vegetable and took a photo of it. All entries had to be in by Sept. 1, at which point the winners were named!

Without further ado, here are the winners:

The Care Center Residents won the prize for “Biggest Tomato.” Their tomato weighed in at a whopping 23 ounces!

Care Center 23 ozs tomato

The prize for “Most Colorful Plate” went to the Child Development Center:

Most Colorful Plate

That sure is one brightly colored and healthy plate!


“Biggest Zucchini” was awarded to Lakeview Village staff member Terry, whose zucchini weighed in at 3.3 pounds!

Terry Zuchinni 

Faith Sterling, a teacher at the Child Development Center, won the “Biggest Cucumber” award when she grew a 2.27 pound vegetable!

This isn’t Lakeview Village’s first go-round with gardening. Lakeview Village boasts an impressive community garden, and they recently partnered with The Giving Grove to provide an opportunity for students in the Child Development Center to learn about where food comes from and how to grow fruit. The 13 fruit trees and bushes that were planted will help feed the community and local needy through The Giving Grove’s program.

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