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Why Choose Lakeview Village? The Neighborhood Feel.

Why Choose Lakeview Village? The Neighborhood Feel.

At Lakeview Village, no one is spending their retirement sitting home alone, twiddling their thumbs. Residents are too busy taking advantage of all that our 100-acre neighborhood in suburban Lenexa, Kansas, has to offer. Our active seniors are often spotted loading their trunks with golf clubs, heading out to continuing education classes or tending the community garden; they enjoy all the benefits of a worry-free retirement here because they no longer have to burden themselves with mowing a yard, shoveling snow or keeping up with other pesky home improvement projects. 

“Our residents are active and moving,” said Shellie Sullivan, Lakeview’s community life manager. “There are always residents out walking their dogs, exercise classes are really popular and people get to know each other there, and we have a huge thrift shop with more than 70 volunteers involved.” The community also boasts its own volunteer-coordinated library, a largely resident-produced newsletter and a resident-directed TV station with programming that streams throughout the community, keeping neighbors abreast of happenings. “They run movies, they have interviews, they show pictures from vacations and just have a great time with it,” said Shellie. “We also have street gatherings. One of our streets, Mullen Street, had a Mullen ladies tea the other day to welcome the new residents. Everybody looks out for each other here.”

The community is just a short drive away from Lenexa shopping and entertainment and you don’t have to have your own car to get to dates and appointments. “We have a shuttle bus that picks people up every 30 minutes and can take you from one place to the next on campus; it also goes off-campus to the grocery store, the mall, to dinner theatre, the symphony downtown or to restaurants,” Shellie said. “There are so many different opportunities.” Once a month, there’s a big community-wide event like our recent tailgate party with tents, grills and live music. “In November, the theme will be casino night,” said Shellie. “It’s just so fun and makes Lakeview its own community within a community.”

That community atmosphere is what attracted Shellie to join the Lakeview team more than six years ago. The kitchen window of her home for the past 18 years overlooks the lake on the Lakeview campus. “I looked out my window and said, ‘I want to work there’. There are streets and cul-de-sacs, and they take such great care of the grounds. It’s just a great little neighborhood,” she said.

With villas, cottages and apartments for independent living and options for short-stay rehab or assisted living, there are so many ways to make Lakeview your home. And once you become a part of the Lakeview community, you’ll always be a part of the Lakeview family. “People are so happy and healthy here that sometimes they outlive their money, but we would never make them move out or leave if that happened,” Shellie said. That’s where our Good Samaritan Fund comes in, which is supported in various ways to support Lakeview residents who need help through no fault of their own. “We’re getting ready to have an event where staff and residents will skydive in order to raise money for our Good Samaritan Fund,” said Shellie. “No matter what happens with your health or your finances, you get to stay here and be with your friends. I can’t wait to retire here myself. I love it here.”


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