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5 Things Lakeview Village Learned from Active Aging Week

5 Things Lakeview Village Learned from Active Aging Week

If you were anywhere near Lakeview Village during the week of September 27, you may have noticed a variety of events occurring around campus. Led by the International Council on Active Aging, Active Aging Week is a celebration for aging and active living where residents participant in wellness activities in a safe, friendly and fun atmosphere. In case you weren’t able to join in, here are 5 things our retirement community learned during the Active Aging Week activities!

1) You don’t need dumbbells to exercise

residents at Drums Alive activityTwo sessions of “Drums Alive!” were held in our Heritage Activity Center. Residents of Lakeview Village retirement community used chairs, exercise balls and drumsticks to experience a whole, body, whole brain exercise class. Drums Alive helps foster a healthy balance physically, emotionally and socially – the residents had a blast!

2) Taking time to reflect can allow for a healthier mind and body

Lakeview Village lake and groundsOn Tuesday, the residents gathered outside of Fox Trail Lake in the Lenexa neighborhood on a beautiful fall morning to take time and pay tribute to neighbors, friends and family who have passed away. After some inspirational thoughts from Quentin Jones, residents took a walk around the lake to reflect and remember their legacies. Many residents left inspired and were motivated to continue living their life to the fullest.

3) Your body can’t differentiate between real and fake laughter

residents and children from the Development CenterA simple and profound idea brought many residents and children together from the Child Development Center. Laughter yoga is based on the scientific fact that your body cannot differentiate between real and fake laughter, so if laughter reduces stress and lowers blood pressure we thought we should try it more often!

4) You can find love at any age

poster from The Age of Love filmLakeview Village hosted a screening of The Age of Love for residents of the retirement community and the general public. A story of speed dating for older adults, the documentary shares the message that it’s never too late to find that special someone. Encouraging people to talk about love and the desires of older adults, the documentary was a hit with the residents! Lakeview hopes to hold our own speed-dating event in the coming weeks – stay tuned!

5) You’re never too old to learn new habits

residents at 2015 Wellness FairThe 2nd annual Wellness fair offered residents insight and tips on staying healthy as you age. Sessions were offered on a variety of topics from legal matters to stress relief. Member of the Lakeview Village retirement community walked away learning new tips and habits to help them live a healthier, more active lifestyle.

What did you learn from Active Aging Week? Share in a comment below!

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