A Reflection by Joan Davies on the “Before I Die” Wall
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A Reflection by Joan Davies on the “Before I Die” Wall

A Reflection by Joan Davies on the “Before I Die” Wall

Before I Die WallAlways having been a person who liked accepting challenges, I was intrigued by Lakeview’s Director of Marketing, Colette Panchot’s, unique presentation in August entitled “Before I Die.” Her remarks and shared video challenged us to think carefully about those who are most important to us and to live each day to our fullest potential. In order for each of us to focus on these important people and things, we were asked to finish the statement, “Before I Die”. At first I thought well that’s interesting! Then, after further introspection, I decided to get serious about expanding the “bucket list” in my head and write things down. Some may think my list “quirky” but it’s the way I think and write!

My eclectic and “quirky” Before I Die list follows with items listed in no particular order of importance:

  1. Write a best-selling nonfiction novel about our lives. In retrospect, there are two problems with this…first no one would believe it was nonfiction. Second, I would end up hurting Jim very badly, since we argue over editing each other’s writing, OR I would gain lots of tonnage since I tend to “graze” while writing.
  2. Get a face lift to remove lots of wrinkles from years and years in the sun with baby oil instead of sun screen. (We 50’s girls believed baby oil would help us tan faster. I just became more and more lobster like!) I don’t think I’m being vane…I just want to look more like Lakeview’s beautiful women in their 80’s and 90’s who I see every day with their amazing smooth skin. I’m also tired of giving Thanksgiving’s Tom Turkey a run for the money in November for whom has the most chins.
  3. Achieve and maintain a normal weight. Now, being honest, I know this is NOT possible at Lakeview with the amazing, delicious food we are served every night. With me cooking…maybe.
  4. Organize the boxes and boxes of photographs and get into albums for our sons and relatives. Again…not very likely since right now I have months of excuses to use as we wait for our villa to be built and I have to finally unload all of the rest of the moving boxes that are now taking over our garage and basement on Mullen Road.
  5. Get Jim into the Kremlin to show him the hidden door in the Children’s Minister of Education’s library. Her office was right next to Yeltsin’s and she really did exit through the bookshelves after our meeting. Jim still believes I made up this story!
  6. Cruise the western coast of Norway all the way north past the Arctic Circle. I think this is going to happen in 2016. Yeah!
  7. Visit and walk ALL the U.S. National Parks including the Grand Canyon and Sedona. This better happen or we are in danger of losing some good friends from Sedona, because for several years we have promised to visit and stay with them.
  8. Enjoy playing rounds of golf with Jim. Notice the operative word here is “enjoy”. I’ll work on this since he loves the game so much. (My real thoughts about the game will remain private.)
  9. Participate in the Iditarod Dog Sled Race from Anchorage to Nome, Alaska. This would involve the start in Anchorage, restart in Wasilla, musher stations’ visits across the state, and the finish line in Nome. Most musher stations are only accessible via “bush” plane so I need to conquer my fear of those itty bitty planes. Dogs, dog sleds, ice, snow and cold I can handle. Those planes are an entirely different matter.
  10. Most importantly, before I die, I will work to live a loving, happy, healthy, and productive life for at least another 25 years.

Thank you Colette for providing us with an opportunity to reflect upon that which is really important in life.

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