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Why Lakeview LifeCare? Peace of Mind, Fun Times

It might be an understatement to say Lakeview Village resident Ken Smith has a full dance card. He’s part of a book club, volunteers for various organizations and is admittedly coming to the realization that he must pass on events more often because he has more social options than time to do them all. It’s a nice problem to have and quite different from his situation a little more than two years ago, when Smith was spending the lion’s share of his time alone, reading or performing tedious maintenance on an aging and oversized home. Still, all the rediscovered fun and fulfillment is not the primary reason Smith is happy with his decision to move into the Kansas community two years ago—at best, it is a distant second best to the peace of mind he gets from the community’s LifeCare contract. 

“What I feel best about is the lifelong healthcare,” Smith said. “I don’t have to worry about healthcare if I can’t be independent anymore at some point. My son and my family don’t have to worry about it. I’m so happy to be able to tell him he doesn’t have to worry about taking care of my health if I ever have a fall or become ill. I’m going to be OK.”

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Not Your Cookie Cutter Grandma
Eunice Litchfield

Eunice Litchfield

During her days as an elementary school teacher, Eunice Litchfield maintained control of her classroom. Now in her retirement years, Eunice continues to take charge of her life.

In 1998, Eunice made one of her best decisions. She packed her belongings and moved to Lakeview Village.

“I didn’t want my kids to worry about me and I didn’t want the troubles of maintaining a home,” says Eunice. “I’m glad I made the decision on my own.”

Eunice also made a decision to be a participant in everything available to her.

“I involve myself in as much as I can,” says Eunice. “I feel if you’re bored, it’s your own fault.” read more

Residence Feature: The Garden Cottage

Once you’ve made the decision to move to Lakeview Village, the fun begins! It may have been decades since you’ve last moved into a new home; selecting your own floor plan and finishes can be an exciting process. Lakeview Village offers a variety of residence options to fit your unique preferences. From apartment homes to patio homes, Lakeview Village has homes that fit almost any lifestyle.

One housing option at Lakeview Village is a Garden Cottage. These cottages feature floor plans that range from a cozy 800 square feet to a spacious 1,325 square feet. We call them cottages because it truly brings to mind a vision of what these charming homes have to offer. read more

Why Choose Lakeview Village? The Neighborhood Feel.

At Lakeview Village, no one is spending their retirement sitting home alone, twiddling their thumbs. Residents are too busy taking advantage of all that our 100-acre neighborhood in suburban Lenexa, Kansas, has to offer. Our active seniors are often spotted loading their trunks with golf clubs, heading out to continuing education classes or tending the community garden; they enjoy all the benefits of a worry-free retirement here because they no longer have to burden themselves with mowing a yard, shoveling snow or keeping up with other pesky home improvement projects.  read more

Introducing the Patio Homes!

If you’ve visited Lakeview Village recently, you may have noticed that there’s a bit of construction going on. It’s an exciting time for us at Lakeview Village – we’ve broken ground on our brand-new patio homes!

The new energy-efficient European design features a spacious two-car garage, zero-step entry, a landscaped yard, generous patio, two bedrooms, two baths, a separate office, a large walk-in closet, vaulted ceilings, gourmet kitchen, hardwood floors, optional basement finish, and much more in an airy, open floor plan.

We’re starting to see some real progress on the patio homes, and we’re excited to share this journey with you. Here’s a sneak peek at the journey – starting with groundbreaking. 

Glenn Dooley, Connie Andrews, Doug Himebaugh and Peg Himebaugh pose with their shovels at the Patio Homes groundbreaking. (photo credit: Jim Maidhof)


The whole team came out for the groundbreaking – from left: Matt Wild, architect with Gastinger Walker Harden + Bee Triplett Buck; Matt Nierman, facilities manager at Lakeview Village; Jamie Frazier, president and CEO of Lakeview Village; Glenn Dooley and Connie Andrews, future Lakeview Village residents; Doug and Peg Himebaugh, future Lakeview Village residents; Colette Panchot, director of sales and marketing at Lakeview Village; Larry Maxwell, president of City Builders. (photo credit: Jim Maidhof)

 After the first week or so of construction, you can start to really see the patio home taking shape. Here are images of the driveway, footing, and rebar for structural support. 

The path for the driveway (photo credit: Doug Himebaugh)


It’s a rebar forest! (photo credit: Doug Himebaugh)


The floor plan is all laid out. (photo credit: Doug Himebaugh)

 The  Himebaugh’s next trip to see the property showed a dramatic change:  instead of just rebar, there were walls.  

(photo credit: Doug Himebaugh)

 Keep checking back for more updates on the patio homes construction – we can’t wait for you to see the finished product!

Special thanks to Doug Himebaugh for providing photographic updates. 

Residence Options at Lakeview Village

As a continuing care retirement community, Lakeview Village has a variety of housing options for residents—from independent living to skilled nursing care.  Today, we are going to kick off a series of blogs that will introduce you to the variety of options you can choose from when you decide to move to Lakeview Village.

Lakeview Village has eight different areas on the campus: Eastside Terrace, Heritage Place, Gardenview, Centerpointe, Northpointe, Southridge, villas, and cottages and duplexes.  You can view a map of the campus here.

The first housing option we’ll start with is the independent living option. Independent living residences make up the majority of our housing options, and range in size from apartments to villas. read more

How Does Your Garden Grow? Winners Announced!

Lakeview Village staff, residents, and children in the Child Development Center have been hard at work all summer, nurturing their gardens so they can enter their harvest into the “How Does Your Garden Grow?” competition!

Contestants entered their homegrown veggies into four contest categories: biggest tomato, biggest cucumber, biggest zucchini, and most colorful plate of tomatoes.

The categories were announced early in the season, and judging occurred on a rolling basis; whenever the contestant thought their veggie was ready to take the prize, they simply brought it to the Living Well staff, who weighed the vegetable and took a photo of it. All entries had to be in by Sept. 1, at which point the winners were named!

Without further ado, here are the winners:

The Care Center Residents won the prize for “Biggest Tomato.” Their tomato weighed in at a whopping 23 ounces!

Care Center 23 ozs tomato

The prize for “Most Colorful Plate” went to the Child Development Center:

Most Colorful Plate

That sure is one brightly colored and healthy plate!


“Biggest Zucchini” was awarded to Lakeview Village staff member Terry, whose zucchini weighed in at 3.3 pounds!

Terry Zuchinni 

Faith Sterling, a teacher at the Child Development Center, won the “Biggest Cucumber” award when she grew a 2.27 pound vegetable!

This isn’t Lakeview Village’s first go-round with gardening. Lakeview Village boasts an impressive community garden, and they recently partnered with The Giving Grove to provide an opportunity for students in the Child Development Center to learn about where food comes from and how to grow fruit. The 13 fruit trees and bushes that were planted will help feed the community and local needy through The Giving Grove’s program.

For more information about Lakeview Village, contact us!

Geriane Moore Walks the Runway
Lakeview Village Fashion Show

Earlier this week, a group of Lakeview Village residents put on a fashion show as part of a “For Ladies Only” event at Lakeview Village. More than 200 women attended the event, which included the fashion show, conversation, snacks and beverages. Every woman in attendance was also given a rose.

To prepare for the event, the resident models took a special trip to Chico’s to find flattering, fun looks to flaunt down the runway. read more

Stay hydrated, drink water. Sounds easy, right?

jackiehalbin2By Jackie Halbin, Lakeview Village Wellness Manager

For older adults, staying hydrated can be complicated. As we age, we become less able to regulate the fluid levels in our bodies. This can result in dehydration, which is a very serious threat to our health—and it doesn’t happen only during the summer.

Our brain functions somewhat like a thermostat; it tells our body how to regulate our temperature. Your brain sends signals to the rest of your body, telling it whether it needs to warm up or cool down. Aging reduces our body’s ability to adjust, especially in the heat of the summer!

Additionally, some medications can make you susceptible to fluid loss, increasing your chance of dehydration. So take these tips into consideration this summer and keep yourself cool and hydrated!

  • Keep ahead of your thirst—sip water throughout the day.
  • Stay cool-stay in the air conditioning.
  • Know the signs of dehydration: fatigue, weakness, headache, dizziness, fainting.
  • Check with your doctor if you are on diuretics or fluid restrictions for your intake recommendations.
  • Never leave anyone in a closed, parked car.
  • Avoid errands in the mid-day sun.
  • Jump in the pool at Eastside Terrace!

For more tips on staying hydrated from the American Heart Association, click here!

Investing Risk Re-defined
Emerson Hartzler

Emerson Hartzler

As the stock market reaches new highs we will start to hear pundits recommending to all who will listen: Get out of “risky” stocks and into “safe” investments (meaning bonds, CDs, Money Market accounts, etc.). Unfortunately the perception of many investors, reinforced daily by the financial press, is that risk is defined by the volatility of stock market prices. While it is true that stock market prices can be very volatile, risk and volatility are not equivalent, and this misunderstanding is the downfall of many an investor.

So let’s unpack this risk thing a bit. First, a very real risk facing any investor is inflation.  Yet moving out of stocks into “safe” investments actually exposes the investor to much greater inflation risk, and the numbers are shocking.  Let’s look at some data.  From 1926 through 2013, the average annual returns of market indexes, assuming reinvestment of dividends, were:

Large Company Common Stocks 10.1%
Small Company Common Stocks 12.3%
Long-term, High Quality Corporate Bonds 6.0%

The problem with inflation is that it eats into these returns with a vengeance, and the Consumer Price Index over that same period compounded annually at 3.0%. So the real returns, adjusted for inflation (the resulting earning power of those dollars) were very different:

Large Company Common Stocks 7.1%
Small Company Common Stocks 9.3%
Long-term, High Quality Corporate Bonds 3.0%


To put this into real dollar terms, an investor who invested $200 per month over a 40-year working career and experienced the returns these three options provided would have an ending value of:


Large Company Common Stocks $547,732
Small Company Common Stocks $1,007,883
Long-term, High Quality Corporate Bonds $191,624

Ouch! Obviously there is an extreme price to be paid for having “safe” investments, and you ignore inflation risk at your own peril.

Now there are other risks to owning stocks that must be understood and managed. Investing in individual companies carries the business risk that even the “best” companies may fail, and stockholders may lose everything. But that risk is easily managed by diversification, and that is why I personally own a (very small) piece of more than 12,000 companies, so if one falls on hard times, it is of little consequence to me.

Finally there is the market risk that the stock prices of all companies fall, and the current market value of even a diversified portfolio goes into the tank. In fact, since 1980, the averageintra-year decline in the S & P 500 index, for example, has been 14%, and over the course of a full year we have seen declines approaching 50%. That’s called price volatility, and it is real.

But volatility equals risk only if you have to sell! Stock prices have fallen many times in the past, but the key fact that many miss is that while prices go down, they have never stayed down. So if you don’t have to sell when the market is down; if you can be patient and wait until the prices recover, you will have lost nothing due to market risk.

That is why the financial planning process is so important. If you know what your needs are in the relatively short term, you can accept some inflation risk (by putting that money into CDs or Money Market accounts), but not take major business or market risk. Then that money (while perhaps making only a modest return) will be there when it is needed.

But if you don’t need the money for some time (five years or more), you don’t really need to be concerned about the volatility of your investments, because you can wait to sell until the market recovers. As Warren Buffet is so famous for saying: “The stock market is very efficient in taking money from the impatient investor and giving it to the patient investor.” That patient investor should be you!

Emerson Hartzler, MBA, is a Lakeview Village resident, and, though he lives in a retirement community, he continues working as a financial advisor for Triune Financial Partners, LLC, at Lighton Plaza, 7300 College Blvd., in Overland Park, Kan. Reach Triune at 913-825-6100.

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