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Lakeview Village Reveals Renovations to Centerpointe Care Center

By Stacey Axler Residents and staff members of Lakeview Village welcomed new renovations and technological advances after months of fundraising and remodeling resulted in a major facelift for the community’s Centerpointe Care Center. The revitalized look of the first-floor common areas and hallways shows that Lakeview Village strives to reflect a resident-centered approach and philosophy.…

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Ready, Set, Lose! Lakeview Village Staff Begin Biggest Loser Challenge This Week

By Stacey Axler, intern Lakeview Village staff members recently began participating in The Biggest Loser Challenge, a weight-loss competition inspired by “The Biggest Loser” television show that will yield $600 for the winners. The challenge, which began on Jan. 17, is amongst teams, each team comprised of four Lakeview staff members. The teams weigh-in every…

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Lakeview Village’s Child Development Center Gets a Makeover

Children attending Lakeview Village’s Child Development Center were treated to newly configured, colorfully painted rooms in December during a kids-only ribbon-cutting ceremony unveiling renovations to the unique learning center at the Lenexa, Kan., continuing care retirement community.   Julie Jegen, CDC director, said that the center started out with three rooms for children ranging in…

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Where Do You Hide

By Emerson Hartzler “Where do you hide?” This was a question I got from a friend soon after the beginning of 2014, and he was referring to our investments. Well, I don’t “hide” from anything when I invest, but I understand the concern about what might happen to investments in these times of uncertainty. If…

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Lakeview Village Residents Donate $75,000 for Employee Christmas Bonuses

A Lakeview Village employee receives her envelope Monday during a special Christmas party While some businesses throw Christmas parties, and some businesses hand out bonuses, Lakeview Village does something a little different: The residents roll out the Christmas cheer, and give employees a year’s worth of donations; this year, raising nearly $75,000 that they split…

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Lakeview Village Adopts New Wellness Slogan: AgeStrong!

By Jackie Halbin Lakeview Village Wellness Manager Lakeview Village’s unique wellness philosophy—long a cornerstone of the lifestyle and culture here—now has an official name: AgeStrong! AgeStrong! represents a lot of wellness elements familiar to Lakeview residents, and the “picture” of Lakeview’s whole-person wellness philosophy now has a “frame” that highlights its intrinsic value and raises…

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Buyer Beware

By Emerson Hartzler Emerson Hartzler It’s a great country, and the good news is there is virtually no limit to the “stuff” available for purchase. The bad news is there is virtually no limit to the “stuff” available for purchase. For seniors on “fixed incomes,” what we buy and how we buy it can make…

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Resident Adventures: Skydiving for a Cause

By Don Simmons By Don Simmons Skydive Kansas City Instructor Mike Hackemeyer with Don SimmonsBy Skydive Kansas City Photographer Brian Posten When I was asked (many times) why I would want to jump from a perfectly good airplane, the answer was easy for me. I did not have skydiving on a “bucket list.” In fact,…

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