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Lakeview Village Residents Donate $75,000 for Employee Christmas Bonuses

A Lakeview Village employee receives her envelope Monday during a special Christmas party While some businesses throw Christmas parties, and some businesses hand out bonuses, Lakeview Village does something a little different: The residents roll out the Christmas cheer, and give employees a year’s worth of donations; this year, raising nearly $75,000 that they split…

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Lakeview Village Adopts New Wellness Slogan: AgeStrong!

By Jackie Halbin Lakeview Village Wellness Manager Lakeview Village’s unique wellness philosophy—long a cornerstone of the lifestyle and culture here—now has an official name: AgeStrong! AgeStrong! represents a lot of wellness elements familiar to Lakeview residents, and the “picture” of Lakeview’s whole-person wellness philosophy now has a “frame” that highlights its intrinsic value and raises…

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Buyer Beware

By Emerson Hartzler Emerson Hartzler It’s a great country, and the good news is there is virtually no limit to the “stuff” available for purchase. The bad news is there is virtually no limit to the “stuff” available for purchase. For seniors on “fixed incomes,” what we buy and how we buy it can make…

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Resident Adventures: Skydiving for a Cause

By Don Simmons By Don Simmons Skydive Kansas City Instructor Mike Hackemeyer with Don SimmonsBy Skydive Kansas City Photographer Brian Posten When I was asked (many times) why I would want to jump from a perfectly good airplane, the answer was easy for me. I did not have skydiving on a “bucket list.” In fact,…

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Lakeview’s Resident Council: The Opportunity to Help and Serve

By Jim Price Lakeview Village Resident Council In some ways, Lakeview’s Resident Council is a paradox: although it’s an elective body, it passes no legislation, sets no laws, and issues no directives. In reality, the Council’s most important powers lie in discussion, persuasion and above all, communication. The Council is the key conduit between residents…

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Living Well–What Does it Mean?

By Jackie Halbin, Living Well Manager at Lakeview Village The Living Well staff will be rounding out the rest of the year with a review of the six whole person wellness dimensions: physical, social, vocational, emotional, intellectual and spiritual. We will take a couple of weeks to focus on each dimension and get you thinking…

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How Much is Enough?

How Much is Enough? Residents and prospective residents of a continuing care retirement community (CCRC) are typically those who have already experienced some measure of financial success. Unless your personal assets are entirely the result of a generous inheritance, you probably have a track record of spending less than you make, avoiding debt, saving for…

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G’Day Lakeview! Break out your walking sticks for our next “Passport to Adventure” to Australia!

By Jackie Halbin Lakeview Village’s Living Well manager Exercise is boring? Not at Lakeview Village! This month—as part of our yearlong “Passport to Adventure” series—we’re going on a virtual trip to Australia! On Sept. 21—from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m.—residents and staff will come together for a “Walkabout,” which is one part exercise, and one…

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