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Wine and Dinner Reception for Prospective Residents

Prospective residents of Lakeview Village will be treated to a special dinner and wine pairings at several upcoming events, during which they will learn more about the continuing care retirement community. Lakeview Village is excited to host several wine and dine events, where prospective residents will watch a presentation on the community and ask any…

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Staying Strong and Fit at Lakeview Village

Jamie Frazier For more than 50 years, Lakeview has worked hard to provide a continuing care retirement community that promotes wellness and an active lifestyle among its residents. Wellness is achieved in many areas: intellectual, social, vocational, spiritual, physical, and emotional. Approximately 85 percent of our residents actively participate in at least one of our…

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Personal Finance: Back to the Basics

Emerson Hartzler By Emerson Hartzler For 44 years I worked in the corporate world dealing with complex financial issues.  Corporate finance is complex, but many decisions are easy, once the financial information is available. During the past 7 years I have found personal finance to be very different from corporate finance.  It’s pretty simple (unless you…

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Lakeview myDucks Recap

Lakeview Village Earlier this month, Lakeview Village hosted a webinar for residents, staff, and guests to help them organize what can feel like endless clutter and disorder. What was the myDucks webinar? The webinar was presented by Colette Panchot, Lakeview Village’s director of sales and marketing and Amy Gonzalez, representative. Viewers of the webinar…

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Military Couple Finds Home at Lakeview

Larry Lust spent 35 years as an active duty member for the United States Army. During those 35 years, his wife, Cathy, set up 24 different homes, moving wherever the Army needed them. Recently, the couple chose a more permanent place to live- Lakeview Village, a continuing care retirement community. Cathy was the first to…

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Pole Walking

Take a moment to picture an avid hiker & the accessories he or she may carry. Are you picturing sturdy shoes, bottles of water, perhaps a map and compass? What about a walking pole or two? Many hikers use walking poles of some sort, whether they are purchased or simply a sturdy branch found beside…

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Protecting Your Legacy

By Emerson Hartzler For those of us who have spent a working lifetime trying to accumulate enough wealth to sustain us through the retirement years and leave something to the next generation, protecting that “Legacy” is a big deal. So when the thought of paying entrance and monthly fees to a Continuing Care Retirement Community…

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Spring Picnic is a Huge Success

James K. Frazier It was something that no other retirement community in the area had done before, but Lakeview Village, a continuing care retirement community in Lenexa, Kansas, was up to the challenge: transporting almost 100 residents from their nursing care neighborhood to enjoy this past Wednesday at a spring picnic in nearby Black Hoof…

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All My C.D.s Are Earning Nothing!

Emerson Hartzler By Emerson Hartzler During the past couple of years, as I have had the pleasure of hanging out with folks at our Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC), I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard this lament! Or a companion statement is: “I don’t want to take any risk, but I sure…

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